CX-3-Icecube (MyStyle) Black Matt

The CX-3 ICECUBE (MY STYLE) ski helmet  is a true demonstration of the know-how of the CASCO brand and benefits from all the assets for which it is famous: modern design, advanced technology, and high-quality materials
  • 4,620.00 UAH
  • 3,234.00 UAH
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  • Construction Monocoque Mold Combi: offers the perfect combo to maximize your protection while saving weight

  • Impact-resistant, this helmet is reinforced and offers optimal protection in case of impact.  

  • Ventilation system regulates the temperature while efficiently evacuating humidity 

  • Filled soft ear cushions

  • Disc-fit-Vario adjustment system allows a quick adjustment your helmet in a few clicks 

  • FX Magnet Link Technology: Magnet system to accommodate a CASCO FX70 visor (sold separately)

  • Inner lining: removable and washable

  • System My-Style: colorful interchangeable Casco stripes