Purchase returns

1. Upon receipt of goods at the “Nova Poshta” or from our courier, the recipient is obliged to check the integrity of the package, then open it and make sure that the goods are in good condition (no mechanical damage) and that they are complete

2. In the event that any shortcomings are identified, the buyer has the right to refuse the goods, while drawing up an act on the identified shortcomings in any form. The act must be signed by the buyer and the person who performed the issuance (delivery) of the goods. If possible, deficiencies should be recorded by means of photo or video. After signing the act on the identified deficiencies, the goods are returned to the person who completed the issuance (delivery) of the order

3. The return of goods after their acceptance by the buyer can be carried out in the manner and on the conditions provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine

4. Returns are at the buyer's expense.

5. Return of goods with identified significant deficiencies (factory defects) is carried out by the seller

6. Not subject to return goods, the list of which is determined by the legislation of Ukraine.



Guarantee payment (Deposit)

1. Guarantee payment is the amount of money paid by the buyer in confirmation of the fulfillment of all conditions for receipt and payment of the ordered goods

2. The amount of the deposit is determined only by the seller, based on the order price and delivery cost, as well as the possible return of goods due to failure

3. If the buyer did not pick up the order during the free storage period at the «Nova Poshta» office and the goods are returned to the seller, the deposit remains with the seller

4. If the buyer properly fulfills all the conditions for receiving and paying for the goods, the amount of the deposit is included in the payment of the order price.